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Our professional lighting designer team has more than 15 years of experience in sports lighting solutions.
We use the latest design software such as DIALux, Relux and AGi32. ONOR provides free lighting design services.
We try our best to consider the actual needs of each customer and project, carefully select suitable lighting products, and at the same time ensure the best cost performance and satisfaction.
All designs are designed according to internationally recognized standards or customer requirements.





Mast Design & Supply

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We have been cooperating with the top light pole manufacturers in China since 2013.
Unlike most ordinary light pole factories, our pole partners have the highest production standards and top-level craftsmanship in the world.
Both professionalism and cooperation are the best.
When other customers are still wondering whether they can find a safe and reliable light pole, we can provide a complete English version of the pole design drawings, construction drawings and quotation in the shortest one day.
The tacit cooperation and professionalism have saved immeasurable cost and time for our clients.





ONOR lighting can provide customers with any required services, including the supply, installation and commissioning of light poles, lamps and electrical accessories. If you choose ONOR for a complete installation plan, you can ensure the smooth progress of the entire project.

Lamp installation and commissioning instructions, lamp pole installation drawings, electrical diagrams, video instructions, etc. are all detailed services we provide to our customers regarding installation.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and are proud of our ability to provide complete lighting solutions.




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