• Galaxy series High Power LED Sports Flood Light

    Galaxy series High Power LED Sports Flood Light

    Galaxy is a multifunctional modular floodlight suitable for football pitches, tennis courts, badminton courts, car parks, marinas, ports, etc. Each module is 250W, and the maximum power can reach 2500W. In the process of using Galaxy, when one module fails, other modules will not be affected. We only need to replace one module during maintenance, which reduces the difficulty of maintenance and saves the time and cost of later maintenance. Since Galaxy’s optoelectronic modules and connection accessories can be easily combined and shared, we usually separate them during shipping, which saves customs duties for customers and reduces inventory pressure.


    ●1.Strong bracket, more solid installation

    ●2.Optical PC lens, no-yellowing material.

    ●3.Silicone waterproof sealing strip. UV-resistant material, reliable without failure.

    ●4.3030 SMD light source design, luminous efficiency 160lm/W.

    ●5.High thermal conductivity aluminum substrate, fast heat dissipation, reduce light decay.

    ●6.ADC12 die-casting aluminum heat sink, the efficiency is up to 96W / M.K.

    ●7.With laser light locator, easily adjust the direction of illumination to achieve maximum lux and uniformity.

    ●8. The design of the heat dissipation respirator can avoid the problem of sealing failure caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

    ●9.External waterproof power supply is installed on the special iron case, no contact with the lamp body, thermoelectric separation, longer life.