Seaport Wharf Lighting Guide & Solution

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Illumination Technology of High mast Lights in Port and Wharf

Port lighting is a necessary condition for safe port production and an important measure to ensure port night production and the safety of ships, vehicles and personnel. Port lighting mainly includes port road lighting, yard lighting, port machinery lighting and so on. Yard lighting is currently dominated by high-pole lights, and more of them use lift-type high-pole lights.

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High mast lighting refers to a lighting method in which a group of lamps are installed on a pole with a height of more than 20 meters to illuminate a large area. Lifting high-pole lighting has the characteristics of small footprint, convenient and safe maintenance, beautiful appearance, and low cost.

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The height of the High mast lights for port lighting is generally 30-40 meters. In recent years, due to the needs of port production and safety, monitoring and communication equipment have been widely used. Many ports have installed broadcasting, monitoring and wireless communication devices on high-pole lighting facilities, making full use of high-pole lighting facilities.

Issues to be considered in the design and implementation of port high-pole lighting

1. The design should be based on the principles of safety and reliability, advanced technology, reasonable economy, energy saving, convenient use and convenient maintenance.

2. According to the requirements of the storage yard, choose the lighting arrangement reasonably. Generally, omni-directional lighting is used in the container terminal yard; while in the bulk cargo terminal, some single-sided lighting is used, that is, High mast lights are placed on both sides of the yard.

3. According to the cargo type and relevant regulations of the storage yard, such as "Lighting Illumination and Measurement Method of Port Loading and Unloading Area". Determine the required illuminance. The higher the degree of danger of the cargo, the higher the required illuminance. The illuminance can be determined by referring to relevant standards or norms according to the occasion of use. The storage yard has different types of goods and different lighting locations. The required illuminance may be different. According to relevant standards, the average illuminance on the container yard is 20lx, the average horizontal illuminance on the general cargo yard is 15 lx, and the average horizontal illuminance on the bulk cargo terminal yard is only 5 lx.

4. According to the natural conditions of the port’s geographic location, the weight of the lamp panels and lamps, the strength and rigidity of the lamp poles and the foundation should be designed, and special attention should be paid to the designed maximum wind speed. In practical applications, it should also be determined with reference to the maximum wind speed once in 50 years in the historical data of the meteorological department where the port is located.

5. According to the port's production and safety needs, you can consider installing monitoring and communication devices on the high-pole light poles to ensure full utilization of port facilities and save investment.

6. Choose lamps scientifically. LED lamps have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, economical and durable. They are now usually used in port lighting. At present, the quality of LED products in my country has reached international standards. Lights are widely used in major terminals. In the selection of lamps, in addition to the light intensity distribution and efficiency of the lamps, the dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation and other properties of the lamps must also be considered. It is generally required that the protection level of the lamp is IP65 or above, and there should be a bracket to adjust the azimuth angle. At present, some brand lamps in our country have reached the level of international brands, and are economical and practical, and have a better price-performance ratio than some international brand lamps.

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