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When it comes to a baseball field, there is no better way to illuminate it than by installing LED lights. Professional sports require bright lighting and that is why LED lights are extremely popular. Their presence has considerably grown in recent years. LED lighting was introduced in 2015 to the NFL bowl. In that same year, baseball also followed suit. One of the first stadiums to be lit by LED lighting was Petco Park in San Diego as reported by the LED magazine.

An extremely bright playing space is required for baseball league matches. There is a need for at least 1000lux for the outfield and 1500lux for the infield. On the other hand, if one compares the parking lot lighting, it can be seen that the lighting only produces somewhere around 30 to 50lux. A car showroom or a department store would make use of just 100 to 200lux for retail lighting. Hence, even retail outlets use less brightness as compared to a baseball field. LED stadium lighting is the solution to sport event lighting. There is a trend among sports organizations like the Premier League and FIFA to make use of LED stadium lighting. Many of the stadiums and events of the said sports organizations and more utilize LED stadium lighting for lighting up the stadium. The reason behind the popularity of LED lighting is that it allows athletes to play their best and athletes have a better chance of winning. As for speculators, LED lighting ensures that they enjoy an excellent visual experience. Moreover, LED stadium lighting also helps boost ticket sales as people get more out of their money.

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1. Lighting Requirements For Baseball Field Lighting

Standard Level of Brightness For Baseball Field

The standard level of brightness for a baseball field depends on the purpose of the match. The infield requirement is more than outfield. Below are the international baseball field requirements depending on the purpose.
• Recreation: The outfield requirement is 200lux and infield requirement is 300lux
• Amateur Game: The outfield requirement is 300lux and infield requirement is 500lux
• General Game: The outfield requirement is 700lux and infield requirement is 1000lux
• Professional Game: The outfield requirement is 1000lux and infield requirement is 1500lux

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Design of Baseball Field Lighting

In order for athletes to perform their best and for speculators to truly enjoy watching the game, glare phenomenon has to be minimized. When it comes to baseball field lighting, the layout is usually divided into outfield and infield. Illumination uniformity is crucial for effective design. The key to effective baseball field design is the positioning of the light tower in such a way so that the light does not disrupt the gaze of players as the move on the pitch, catch or bat.

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Lighting Fixture Installation Height

When designing baseball field lighting, the installation height has to be considered. The lighting has to be positioned in such a way that there is no glare experienced by athletes on the field. The line of sight of the spectators and athletes has to be taken into account. Hence, the lighting design has to be made in such a way that the installation angle and height allows the athletes and spectators to easily see the baseball field.

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Lighting Design For International Matches

The shadows of athletes and the stadium uniformity should be the focus of the lighting design. Moreover, the facilities of the baseball stadium should be visible throughout the match. The lighting design of the baseball field has to be divided into outfield and infield. The infield would require more illumination as compared to the outfield. Vertical surface illumination design is vital as it would the balls to be perfectly seen throughout the stadium.

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Lighting Design For Broadcasting

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It is a high-speed sport and that is why the perfect lighting is needed for the match to be broadcasted live. The lighting design has to take into account the broadcasting camera. The best way to ensure that the lighting design is ideal for broadcasting is by reviewing the location of the camera.

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Design That Minimizes Light Pollution

The impact of outflow lighting has to be minimized. In order to do so, the lighting design has to be made in such a way that does not waste unnecessary light. Moreover, the light should not affect residential areas, drivers, or pedestrians who are outside of the baseball field. To minimize light pollution, outflow lighting should be calculated and the lighting should be redesigned to keep in as much as of the light as possible. This would reduce the outflow of light.

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2. Factors for Designing Lighting For Baseball Field

There are certain factors that have to be considered when designing the lighting for a baseball field. The factors will help give you an idea of the cost of designing the lighting. Learning more about the cost will help you ensure that you meet the budget. Shipping costs, installation fees, and even electricity cost should be taken into account. The following factors will give you a better idea.

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Certificate of Origin

The world has become a global village. LED lighting can be exported from just about any part of the world. China and EU are the biggest producers of LED lighting. Learning more about the certificate of origin will allow you to know what to expect in terms of cost and quality. On an average, the cost of lighting from Chinese manufacturers for an entire baseball field is anywhere around USD 40,000 to USD 90,000. On the other hand, if one buys from North American or European markets, the cost would be 3 times as much.

Types of Lights

There are different types of lights. It is important to know which type of lighting one needs as each type of light has different features. Keep in mind that traditional lighting is a lot more affordable as compared to its LED counterpart. Moreover, changing the existing lighting can be costly. But, one should know that on an average LED lights have a lifespan that is 10 times more as compared to traditional lights. Furthermore, cost savings from LED lights should also be considered.

Running Cost

With LED lights, electricity cost reduction is guaranteed. One can easily expect up to 70 percent cost savings in the electricity bill.

3. How To Choose The Best LED Light For A Baseball Field

There are certain factors that have to be considered in order to determine the best LED light for a baseball field. Onor Lighting is a popular choice.

Cooling System

One of the factors that has to be considered is temperature. It is an enemy of any type of LED lights. LED chips can get damaged from persistent and strong hear. It could even lead to reduction in service life or brightness. Choose an LED light that has a cooling system and an air convection design such as the one provided by Onor Lighting.

Optical Design

The optical design should be designed in such a way that the LED lights are able to minimize glare and any spill light. Onor Lighting is known for enhanced central light intensity and its reduced residual light.

Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious issue. The location of the stadium should be taken into account. In recent times, there are even laws in place that deal with light pollution. This is why you need to choose LED lighting that tackles light pollution. Onor Lighting is a popular choice as the LED lights are equipped with an anti-spillage cover and are able to control spillage effectively. Thus, light pollution is avoided. Moreover, the anti-spillage cover helps ensure that utilization rate of light is maximized. Therefore, the baseball field benefits from maximum illumination and less light pollution in the neighboring environment. The best glare options are provided by Onor Lighting.

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LED lights need to be flicker-free to make sure that light is provided to the baseball field at all times. Onor Lighting is known for its flicker-free LED lighting. It is ideal for slow-motion cameras and high-speed cameras. Furthermore, flicker-free lights help ensure that athletes continue to perform their best.

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Minimized Maintenance Costs

Make sure to look for LED lighting that comes with a long warranty. Onor Lighting is known for its long warranty LED lights. Moreover, the majority of LED lights offered by Onor Lighting tend to last a long time. Lower maintenance costs should be expected when opting for Onor Lighting. The company is dedicated to meeting the needs of baseball as a sport.

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