• MaxPro Mobile Lighting Tower LED Floodlight

    MaxPro Mobile Lighting Tower LED Floodlight

    Mobile lighting towers have the advantages of high light efficiency, long life, high temperature resistance, light weight, and easy to carry. They are deeply loved by people. They are mainly used in construction lighting, rescue and disaster relief and mines. At present, mobile lighting towers are mainly divided into manual and Automatic two, in order to suit the application in different scenarios. The mobile lighting tower uses 4 200W LED lights, the lamp holder can change the projection angle in the vertical direction from 0° to 90°; the lamp pole rises: 10 meters, rise time: 50S, fall time: 20S; the light coverage radius can be Up to 120 meters-150 meters.


    ● Lumileds LUXEON 3030 2D LEDs and 5050 LEDs optional

    ● Colour Temperature 2200-6500k, CRI >74,80,92

    ● Modular design, Easy assembly and maintenance

    ● >75,000 life time to 70% lumen maintenance

    ● Excellent thermal management

    ● Ultra-low glare and flicker free

    ● Zigbee wireless, 0-10V, DALI and DMX dimming models optional

    ● Daylight&Microwave sensor, glare shield and slip fitter are available

    ● Marine grade coating plus 316 stainless steel components available for corrosive environments such as swimming pools and coastal regions.

    ● Housing color: Black, Grey, White, Silver