• lightwing Mobile Tower LED Floodlight

    lightwing Mobile Tower LED Floodlight

    lightwing mobile tower LED flood lights are highly portable and compact than conventional light towers or work lights. Diffused light is suitable for indoor spaces and outdoor events, which is an ideal solution for application road construction, paving operations,bridge construction, rail construction, excavation,pit- and tunnel construction, neighborhood associations, schools events,camping, sports events and parties, parking lots, film sets, parking lots, search and rescue operations.


    1. Quick, and easy set-up and transportation

    2. Equipped with 200-800W LED rated at 100,000 hours

    3. High lighting efficiency with 160lm/w

    4. LED light cover is constructed of heat and water resistant material

    5. Aluminium alloy and stainless steel ensure anti-rust

    9. 5-Year limited warranty