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Cricket is a British sport that has dominated its former colonies. It is played throughout the world in countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom itself. The International Cricket Cup is one of the most watched sports matches in the entire world. It is only in fourth place after the Rugby World Cup, Football Work Cup, and the Olympics. When it comes to cricket ground lighting, LED lighting is always the preferred choice. It is better than metal halide, mercury, and halogen. Besides, LED lighting tends to be more energy-efficient and a lot brighter than traditional lighting. Durability is guaranteed when one opts for LED lighting. LED cricket stadium lighting is in great demand due to the fact that it provides the ideal lighting for spectators, players, and different matches. The circular turf ground of the cricket stadium has to be surrounded by the lighting. High power LED lights are required for proper illumination as they travel a long distance and cover the entire stadium. Onor Lighting is one of the most well-known companies in the world of cricket stadium LED lighting. Only the best and most affordable LED lighting solutions are offered by the company.

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Lighting Requirements for Cricket Ground Lighting

Cricket stadiums require LED lighting of at least a CRI of 90 as it ensures a narrow color conversion and clear relative color. Only when the color rendering index is 90 or more is it possible for the camera to capture color harmony without any type of distortion. LED lighting uses intelligent effect control and ensures 4K developments, which is crucial for proper TV broadcasting. It is a major reason why cricket stadiums are upgrading to LED lighting. The light overflow rate has to be low. The trajectory of the ball has to be covered with the propagation of vertical and horizontal light for cricket players to perform their best. There are certain requirements that have to be met for excellent cricket ground lighting as are mentioned below.

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Brightness Requirement (Lux Level)

In case of mild competition among team members, anywhere from 250-350 lux is sufficient. It is generally acceptable for recreational and practice cricket stadiums While on the other hand, when it comes to professional matches, the lux level should be 500-750. Moreover, higher brightness is required to ensure vigorous movement. Cricket players feel invigorated due to high intensity lighting which only helps enhance their performance. If the cricket stadium is holding an international tournament that is being broadcasted live, a higher standard of 1500-2500 lux is required. It is vital because clearer videos and photos have to be taken for world broadcasting.

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Total Lighting Needed On the Cricket Field

Normally, the field’s radius is somewhere around 70 meters. This makes the area about 15,400 meters. For instance, if it is a professional match, then 750 lux would be required. The total number of lumens needed can be easily calculated by multiplying 15,400 with 750. This would result in 11,550,000 lumens. Thus, one can multiply the watt with lumen to determine the minimum power required by the cricket stadium.

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Factors to Consider When Designing the Lighting for a Cricket Ground

Normally, the design of cricket grounds includes a 6 pole design or at least a 4 pole design. 6 pole designs are more common where televised play is involved. Improved spill lighting might also be required. The boundary line and the playing area have to be considered when designing the lighting for a cricket ground. A presentable and precise photometric analysis is required to improve the lighting of the cricket ground. Onor Lighting is an experienced LED lighting provider that has worked with various sports projects such as cricket stadium lighting. The following factors should be considered when designing the lighting for a cricket ground.

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Lux Level Distribution

One of the most important things that have to be taken into account is lux level distribution. It should be anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 as is suggested for a professional sports field that hosts international matches. Lux level distribution ensures that the brightness levels are maintained in the stadium or field. Luminous efficiency should also be considered when comparing different options. LED lights guarantee considerable energy savings. Moreover, advanced chips are used by the LED lights to improve focus lighting. Optics adjustment is also undertaken by Onor Lighting to allow the cricket ground to experience sufficient illumination.

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Heat Dissipation

Both outdoor and indoor cricket grounds require LED lights that ensure heat dissipation. An efficient heat dissipation system is very important for an indoor cricket ground as heat can easily get stuck in the ceiling. Furthermore, heat tends to accumulate during the time when the lighting is switched on. If the temperature continues to be too high, it would damage the LED lighting fixtures. This is why you need a high-end LED solution such as the LED lighting offered by Onor Lighting that uses a heat management system. Thus, with the right heat dissipation system, maintenance and replacement cost can be significantly reduced as is possible with LED lights.

Flicker-Free and Anti-Glare Lighting

When it comes to international cricket tournaments, it is crucial for the LED lights to be of the highest quality. One of the most important factors that have to be considered when designing LED lights for cricket grounds is flicker-free illumination. With flicker-free illumination, a slow-paced and high-paced camera would be able to capture everything in perfect light. Thus, any changes in lumen would be negligible. Moreover, anti-glare is also vital as it reduces the dazzling effect on spectators and the players inside the cricket stadium alike. It also ensures that light pollution and spill is minimized.

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Illumination Uniformity

Another important factor that has to be considered when designing the LED lighting is illumination uniformity. There should no area on the cricket ground that is either too bright or too dim. It would only make it uncomfortable on the eyes. It is undesirable for the lights to suddenly become bright or dim. Onor Lighting uses top-quality optics which improves the uniformity value that is line with the best standards. Moreover, anti-glare optics is used for making it easy for players to see the entire field and perform their best. As the cricket stadium accommodates thousands of cricket viewers, it is crucial to ensure that there is uniform lighting so that just about everyone can clearly see the match from every part of the stadium. Low-glare is easy on the eyes and provides spectators with clear vision.

Modular Design

The next factor that should be considered is modular design. As there is always the possibility of a serious natural disaster or wrong wire connection, it is important for the design to be modular. It will make it easy for the LED light to be easily replaced. Thus, one would benefit from reduced repair and maintenance costs as well as a saving of time that would be spent on repairing the fixtures.

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How to Choose the Best LED Light For Cricket Ground

As better LED lights are entering the market every day, there is just so much variety to choose from. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the best LED light for a cricket ground. Until the lights have been installed, it can be difficult to determine if the lights are the perfect fit. It can be a challenge for many to choose the right LED lights for a cricket stadium. The following tips will help choose the best LED lights in no time.

Aim for Quality

One should never compromise on quality. Whether the cost might be a bit more, quality is something that cannot be overlooked. High-quality LED lights provide a cool temperature and sufficient brightness for the cricket ground. LED lights offered by Onor Lighting are of the highest quality and have low malfunction rate.

Heat Dissipation & Glare Rating

Always choose LED lights that have a proper heat dissipation system. Pure aluminum is known for its ventilation qualities. Advanced aluminum on the other hand has the best conductivity rate. Finally, the glare rating should also be considered. Just the right amount of glare is required for visual comfort.

Beam Angle

The first thing that you need to consider is the beam angle. The beam angle plays a critical role is it determines how light will disperse on the field. If the angle is too wide, light regularity would be high and if the angle is too narrow, light uniformity cannot be guaranteed. Hence, it is crucial to pay attention to the beam angles in order for there to be a balance of lighting in the cricket field or stadium.

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Opt for Waterproof Lighting

Nature is unexpected. One can never accurately predict when it would rain. Therefore, it is crucial for the LED lighting to be waterproof. Lighting that is waterproof has a longer life and is more effective. Waterproof LED lighting is able to withstand water and humidity. They are known for their superb performance even in harsh weather conditions.

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