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400W lighting LED Tennis Light for Outdoor Tennis Club

outdoor tennis court led lighting

Completed Date: June 2022

Location: Spain

A new tennis club lighting renovation project completed by ONOR Lighting at 2nd June.  

Tennis court lighting is our main project section. Over 1200 tennis clubs used our LED tennis lights since 2016.

This is a big tennis club in Spain with over 30 years. The owner contacted us directly in 2021 for details of lighting design, importing and installation.

48 sets of 400W lighting series LED sports floodlight been installed on 10m pole. In order to minimize the glare value and spill light, we used asymmetric P45 angle for the lights.

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No spill light and ultra-low glare. Average 550lux, super high uniformity 0.90, and ULR 0%.

Now ULR is an important parameter of outdoor sports lighting related to light pollution and animals friendly.

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Post time: Jun-09-2022