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Indoor Sports and Entertainment Hall Lighting Renovation

Completed Date: Sep. 2022

Location: Poland

Indoor Sports and Entertainment Hall Lighting Renovation

Modernization of sports lighting

During the works at the sports and entertainment hall in Łaziska Górne, 96 pieces of old, energy-intensive luminaires with a power of 400W each were dismantled. These luminaires were replaced with modern 200W LED sports projectors in the amount of 68pcs.

Luminaires with symmetrical light distribution were installed directly above the multifunctional pitch, and asymmetric luminaires were installed on the walls. As part of the investment, the old emergency luminaires above the pitch were also replaced, taking into account the location of the protective nets on the facility.

As-built measurements confirmed the achievement of the uniform average illuminance assumed in the project at a level compliant with the PN-EN 12193 and PN-EN 12464 standards

Height 12m

Eav 500lux

U0: 0.85

Post time: Sep-20-2022