Case Studies

New Sports Center LED Lighting Project

This is another very successful LED sports lighting project for us, which is located in a sports center in Shantou City, Guangdong Province.

Sports Center LED Lighting Project_

We start from preliminary site measurement and communication, to lighting simulation design, to LED stadium light production, to construction and installation.
The entire process is completely completed by our professional lighting engineers, lighting designers, production department and construction team. Let customers have no worries at all.

Pole Height:
- 6nos 15m for football field lighting
- 10m for basketball courts and tennis court lighting

LED Luminaire:
- 24pcs 600W VEGA series LED sports floodlight for football field
- 8pcs 400W lightwing series LED tennis floodlight
- 30pcs 300W Spark series LED tennis floodlight

Lighting Standard: Class I

Lux meter test result:
- 300lux for football field and tennis
- 200lux for basketball

Spill light and GR are quite low due to our advanced asymmetrical optical lens and glare control system.

All LED drivers are mounted at bottom of pole which is easier for maitenance.

Post time: Oct-26-2023