Helicopters used to install LED lights at Fenway Park

       NewsCenter 5 learned that a helicopter was being used to install new LED lights at Fenway Park after Boston residents spotted planes flying over Fenway Park on Sunday morning.
       A Boston Red Sox spokesman told NewsCenter 5 that the helicopter was part of a one-day lighting project.
       The Fenway Park lighting rig is being installed 53 days before the Red Sox are due to host the Baltimore Orioles in the 2023 season opener.
       On Friday, Red Sox equipment trucks were loaded onto Jersey Street to begin the 1,480-mile journey from Boston to the team’s spring training base in Fort Myers, Florida.
       The Red Sox said the first check for pitchers and catchers would take place on February 15, with the first check for the entire team taking place five days later.
        Boston’s spring training schedule begins February 24, when the Red Sox host the Northeast Huskies in a seven-inning game. The next day, the Red Sox travel to North Port, Florida to take on the Atlanta Braves.
        One of the notable changes at Fenway Park this season is the absence of the glowing John Hancock logo above the video board above the stands at halftime. The longtime feature was removed from the stadium after a 30-year partnership between the Red Sox and Boston Insurance ended at the end of the 2022 season.
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Post time: Feb-27-2023